• Here are a few great resources to enhance technology use within your classroom.  If you would still like more, please visit Mr. Pelech's Tech Blog


    • Quizizz - "Quiz Is" - Free Electronic Formative Assessment & Data Collection Tool
      If you've used Kahoot! you have seen how excited students get answering questions on their own devices. If you have used Plickers, you have learned the value in formative assessments and data collection. Quizizz (prounced "Quiz Is") is a combination of the interactivity of Kahoot! with the formative assessment data collection/storage of Plickers. Teachers have the option of selecting a ready-made quiz from a library of teacher-generated ones - OR - uploading their own quiz from an excel spreadsheet. From there, students work at their own pace to complete the quiz questions on their own device (iPad, smartphone, chromebook, laptop, etc...). Then, the data is collected, automatically graded, and stored for teacher use.This is an amazing tool that helps with data collection and test preparation. For more information, see the YouTube video or link to the Quizizz website below. Happy Quizizz'ing!
    • Using YouTube playlists for the flipped classroom - FREE
      Sometimes teachers want to connect the curriculum to digital media. YouTube has become a great resource to accomplish this quickly. However, this requires using precious classroom minutes to load the video, play the video, and tackle any technical problems that arise.One solution is to create a collection of videos on YouTube called a "Playlist". Teachers can then share the the link of the playlist with their students to watch at home via their mobile devices. This can be done through a teacher website, Google Classroom, or Remind.com.The task is not too complicated. Once you are logged into YouTube with your Google Drive account, you can create a playlist, then as you watch videos that correlate to that playlist you can add them. See the video below for step-by-step details on how to accomplish this. Happy tubing!
    • Using AutoCrat to create bulk documents - FREE
      Google Forms & AutoCrat - A match merged in heaven!Using Google Forms and AutoCrat, you can create dynamic forms that will produce a Google Doc or PDF file with data submitted from the form.Creating a Google Form will automatically create a Google Sheet to store data from the form.When you install AutoCrat on the Google Sheet, you open a new world of opportunities to merge data from the Sheet into Google Docs or other Sheets.
    • Using iMovie on an iPad to create educational videos
      iMovie for iPad is a perfect tool for most video applications in education. Using iMovie, you can edit video, adding transitions and audio to create a movie from scratch.