• Departmental Structure & Staffing



    Dr. Thomas C. DeNicola


    Serves as both the CIO and the Director of Instructional Technology, and Information Services for the School District. Oversees all activities involving New York State data reporting and analysis. This includes preliminary analysis of all the state exams before they are sent on to BOCES for additional scoring. The department is also responsible for design and scantron scoring for district designed pretests for both the Math and ELA state examinations. The results are shared with the departmental directors as well as the Superintendent and staff. The Director also provides oversight for our student management program, Infinite Campus, and supervises professional and staff development. He is directly responsible for the supervision of all technology teachers, media specialists and librarians. The Director  prepares the departmental budget, Technology Plan, and the eRate budget & Application. He orders, receives and manages the technology and communication equipment district-wide. Additionally, he reports to and works with the Superintendent and the Asst Superintendents on a daily basis to provide data, analysis, technology updates, eRate issues and help with presentations.

    1. Infrastructure – we are responsible for maintaining all forms of communication, security, and internet/network connectivity for All the Students, Teachers and Administrators in Westbury School district. This includes maintaining and updating Connect Ed messaging systems, Scholarchip ID Card systems, Library Database procurement and updates, Website updates, Board document scans and uploads as well as the card access System for security

    2. All Current and New Equipment – we have the major responsibility for keeping all the district equipment – 700 + telephones, 2500+ computers, 180+ Smart Boards, 298+ surveillance cameras, 50 + file servers, 800+printers functioning and up to date with the latest software and patches. We also plan for, budget and order new equipment so that the students can remain at the current edge of technology and will be better prepared for the real world when they leave the district.

    Data Staff – District Wide

    1. Data Coordinator – Maria Grabowski

    2. CIO – Dr. Thomas C. DeNicola


    Manage ALL the data and informational requirements for local, State and Federal Government demands. This includes, but is Not limited to : ERate Fillings- bids, quotes and fulfillment, Data warehouse and NCLB data exports, Student management services, Report Cards, Data extraction for the NYS report Card, Scanning of All state exams and data analysis, creating and updating the Technology plan as required by State and Federal agencies.

    Educational Staff – District Wide

    1. High School – Linda Grisafi

    2. Middle School – William Gray & Kristy McNally

    3. Powell's Lane – Ellen Maleszewski & Peter Ruff

    4. Drexel Avenue – Gail Marques & Patricia Matarazzo

    5. Park Avenue – Natasha Gabrielsen, Emily Goroff, & Milagros Santiago

    6. Dryden Street – Christine Dickson


    1. Professional Technology Development - we work with Nassau BOCES, Apple Professional Development, Compass Learning and Read 180 companies as well as with all the above staff and myself to provide specific professional development for the teachers and the staff to enable them to use the software with the students in order to maximize the students comprehension and improve their test results. We also work with the technology teachers in the various buildings to do push in classroom program developers

    2. Media Specialists are responsible for the equipment that is stored for use and checkout in each library – they need to show teacher/students how to use it and work with students on various media projects. The media specialists, in conjunction with the director, review & request various online databases that are then made available to the students on a school or district basis.

    3. Short term and Long Term planning for growth. We send staff and attend conferences on up and coming technologies and data requirements so that we maintain or increase our technology edge for both Students and staff. We run the district wide Technology committee that meets monthly to formulate requests for new equipment/software/data and report back any issues within each of the buildings.

    4. Maintain and update the District Web Site and customize, update and maintain the individual School Web Pages