Multilingual Learners Identification Process



    Multilingual Learner (MLL) Identification Process 

    The Westbury UFSD has formal procedures for screening children who enter the school district.  Our procedures are aligned to Part 117 of the Diagnostic Screening of Pupils and Part 154 of the NYSED regulations/mandates.  We have distributed the MLL Identification Process to all administrators, teachers, related service providers, school committees, and screening personnel.  Every school has the Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ) in the languages provided by NYSED.  Families are pprovided the HLQ by a certified Bilingual/ ENL teacher.  At that time, the staff also assists our families in the event clarification is required.  

    Each building is assigned a New York State Identification Test English Language Learner (NYSITELL) contact who is trained yearly on the initial screening process/protocol of students who are potential MLLs.  During the training the necessary tools are provided for the screening process that include: 

    • Home Language Questionnaire
    • Individual Interview conducted in both the L1 and L2
    • Screening to determine Literacy and math skills is condcuted in L1
    • New York State Identification Test English Language Learner (NYSITELL)
    • Parent Notification of MLL Status
    • Parent Orientation Meeting
    • Parent Orientation Video presented by NYSED
    • Program Placement Options
    • Exit MLL Status Critera 

    Parents of students who have been identified as Multilingual Learners are presented with a entitlement letter that indicates the English language proficiency level and the date of the mandatory parent orietation meeting.  During the orientation meeting parents are informed of the following:

    All documentation related to the screening is placed in the students’ permanent record along with the results of the NYSITELL.  The Westbury UFSD provides a diagnostic assessment that offers evidence for differentiated instruction within the classroom and for individual students.  This assessment, in conjunction with teacher records (running records, reading inventory, leveled groupings, results of previous content area assessments, ELA, NYSESLAT) reveals information that is utilized to prescribe specific instructional strategies. 

    The New York State English as Second Language Achievement Test
    The New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) is designed to annually assess the English proficiency of all English language learners enrolled in Grades K–12 in New York State schools. This assessment gives the State and schools important information about the English language development of English language learners (ELLs), and is part of the State's compliance with federal laws that mandate the annual assessing and tracking of English proficiency of English language learners. 

    The main web site for all NYSESLAT information is: