Strategic Plan



    Five Year Strategic Plan

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    For six months, the Core Team and Task Forces worked diligently to assess the needs of the District and thoughtfully discussed opportunities for propelling the district forward.  At the core of all our work was creating a comprehensive and dynamic plan which would support outstanding outcomes for our students.  Most importantly, from the beginning, everyone agreed that this plan would have our students at the center.   

    The Core Team and Task Force utilized a data-based, best practices, and research model.  They conducted three very powerful surveys, which collected both quantitative and qualitative data from our staff, students, and community, relative to over 200 research-based benchmarks.  Not only did this accomplishment provide an outstanding source of information, but it was also a tool that will provide the district to continually and objectively evaluate benchmark success and progress monitor. 

    Our District’s Vision, Mission, Beliefs, and Parameters form the framework for our plan.

    Our Vision

    describes our future state; how we see the District moving forward.

    Our Mission

    is our core purpose – what we do.

    The Beliefs

    provide a set of core values for all to embrace and follow.

    Our Parameters

    provide some of the key elements we know will be important as we seek to implement our plan.

    Our Goals were constructed, with clear areas of measurement, to focus the direction of the District over the next five years.  Each year, the District will set annual targets and select specific strategies and action plans for implementation.  These are the measurable components that the Core Team and Task Forces determined would give us “evidence of success.” The following question was asked of the Core Team and Task Forces: Do you believe these Strategic Intents are in the better interest of moving our District forward, will have a positive impact on our students, and are consistent with our stated Vision, Mission, Beliefs and intended direction?

    Strategies are multi-year initiatives that support the achievement of the priorities. Action Plans are specific tactical projects that are selected year by year, typically by the administration in collaboration with staff and the community. 

    This Strategic Plan is a great source of pride for all those involved.  Many worked diligently, on behalf of our students, staff, and community.  The Westbury UFSD now has a blueprint, which will carry the District forward on a purposeful and deliberate path.  The next step is implementation!!  We are looking forward to this process with the same energy and enthusiasm that was demonstrated all through the months of hard work.   

    It is critical to note that this process is fluid and the long-term plan will be monitored, evaluated, and updated on an annual basis based on the needs of the school community.