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    Our Vision, Mission and Values



    Our Vision

    The vision of the Westbury UFSD is to create an empowering, collaborative and supportive learning environment that promotes maximum success for all students.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Westbury UFSD is to promote academic excellence, social development, and emotional growth of our students as lifelong learners who will contribute to an ever-changing world and global society.

    Our Values and Beliefs  (the foundation/bedrock of our Organization)

    The Westbury UFSD believes in and values:

    • cultivating an environment that empowers students to develop meaningful relationships that fosters, cultivates and exhibits respect, honesty and personal responsibility. 
    • motivating students to explore innovative opportunities to become contributing and productive members of a global society.
    • building collaborative relationships with the community in order to support a learning environment.
    • maintaining a safe environment and efficient organization.
    • fostering pride, dedication, and excellence in our schools and community.
    • celebrating the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences of our community to build on the talents of each individual.