• Pupil Personnel Services

    The Westbury Office of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) provides support services for students Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12, who attend the Westbury School District. Each school in the district has a Pupil Personnel Services team of professionals who work closely with faculty, staff, administrators and parents to ensure that all students can maximize their academic potential.

    Each school building has a Student Staff Support Team (SSST) which includes the building principal or designee, the psychologist, the social worker/guidance counselor, the speech therapist, the classroom teacher and any other faculty or staff member who may be familiar with the child being discussed. The purpose of the SSST is to make decisions regarding a student’s need for academics, social or physical support. Also, the team meets with teachers and staff to develop intervention strategies to improve instruction or to address other related issues.

    Each year the Office of Pupil Personnel Services sets annual goals to review and to monitor the many programs and services offered under the auspices of Pupil Personnel Services. Some of the programs and services are listed below:

    • Committee on Special Education (CSE)
    • Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE)
    • Residency Discrepancy Hearings
    • New York State Screening Program
    • Special Education Programs and Services
    • Gifted and Talented Programs
    • Special Education Programs for Students parentally placed into private/parochial schools (both resident and non-resident).
    • Section 504
    • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
    • Out-of-District Placements
    • Medicaid-in-Education
    • Student Evaluations
    • Liaison with State Education Department, County and local agencies